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Treatment Options

This section provides information on some of the different treatment options that italk can provide. 



Online Support (Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - cCBT)

Our online support programme from SilverCloud is perfect for anyone suffering from mild to moderate depression or anxiety, who has a busy lifestyle or prefers to work online rather than chat. Accessing it couldn’t be easier as you can login via your mobile, tablet or PC.

Please note you should not sign up to SilverCloud if you are already with italk, e.g. you may have a Telephone Assessment booked, be attending a Group or Workshop or be waiting for face to face treatment with Step 3. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

SilverCloud will offer you:

  • Secure, convenient access to online CBT programmes tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Support from one of the italk practitioners
  • Access 24/7
  • Access for a further 12 months at the end of treatment

Work at a time and pace that suits you

The programme can be tailor made between you and your practitioner so that it meets your specific needs. You will move at your own pace through a series of interactive modules, learning via videos, quizzes, and case studies and can access this flexibly - whenever and wherever you choose - via your computer or tablet or even on your mobile phone.

You can leave messages for your online practitioner, who will pick these up at your fortnightly review and leave messages to help guide you or make suggestions of what you could work on.

Each time you log on after a review, you will be asked to complete the online questionnaire so that we can assess your current mood and you’ll be able to track your progress too.

How does it work?

SilverCloud, offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy provided by an interactive computer programme. This allows you to learn about how your thoughts and behaviours influence how you feel and will teach you skills to manage difficulties through the use of practical strategies and techniques.

You can access the materials in your own home via computer, tablet, phone, or on a PC in your local library.

This option works well for patients who have varied work schedules, or who like to dip in and out of treatment throughout the week.

While the system allows you to access materials relating to low mood and anxiety, this is still a 1-2-1 treatment, as a practitioner will contact you fortnightly to give you support. Your practitioner will monitor your progress and help to ensure that the programme is meeting your needs and allowing you to problem solve any difficulties you are having.

Once treatment has finished you will still be able to access the system to really help you consolidate and refresh these skills for a year. 

To self refer you must:

  • Be 16 or over at the time of your referral.
  • Not be open to or under the care of any other Psychological Service.
  • Be registered with a GP within Hampshire in our localities of:

          New Forest
          Petersfield & Bordon. 

If any of the above does not apply to you please speak to your GP for further advice and support, or visit our ‘urgent help’ page if you are in distress.

Not registered to a GP in Hampshire? or registered to a GP in Southampton or Portsmouth?
Please speak to your GP for advice on services in your area, or you can find your nearest IAPT service by searching NHS Choices.  


Please note we will store your information on our secure patient database. This is confidential and only your Practitioner and the italk office team are able to view your record. If you have any questions about this please visit our ‘frequently asked questions’ page or call us on 023 8038 3920 and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

NEW Online Support Programme


A testimonial by 'Katy'

I am so glad I've worked through this programme and it is definitely 'the nudge along' I needed when I felt lost and stuck. I think that what was I needed all along, just some help really. I am very grateful for what this programme has done for me and even just being able to go out for dinner with groups of friends and people I don't know as well without overwhelming anxiety has been such an amazing turnaround for me.

I definitely feel like my old self again, but a better version, like Katy v2.0, with more control and more knowledge about myself and my body. I'm also better at identifying moments where self-care is needed instead of just running flat out until I've run out of steam and everything catches up with me.

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