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  • Something that helps you feel connected to people.
  • Something that reminds you to be generous to yourself and others.
  • Something that uses and strengthens your skills.
  • Something that gets you moving.
  • Something that helps clear your mind from worries about the future or memories of the past.

Your Wellbeing Box

Print or save this page as a handy reminder of what to include when you make your very own wellbeing box.

But don’t forget, these are just our suggestions to get you started so don’t stop there. Use the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ guide at www.italk.org.uk to find items in each category that will work best for you. Then, follow this short guide to make your very own wellbeing box.

4 easy steps to making a wellbeing box

  1. Choose a box: Shoeboxes are popular, but it could be any box, a nice bag or even a drawer.
  2. Personalise the box: You could doodle on it, cover it with stickers or wrapping paper, paint it, whatever makes it feel like yours.
  3. Fill it: Grab the things that make you feel better, more relaxed, and things from your list below. Top tip: If you want to put something in the box but can’t because it’s a virtual thing like an app or a playlist, or it wouldn’t fit – draw a picture, or write it in a note.
  4. Use it: When you’re having one of those days.

The items I chose were:

"I put in these photos of some good memories with my favourite people, I always feel better when I look through them."

"We started sending each other snail mail as a joke, but it actually really cheers me up, it’s like getting a hug in the post!"

"This note is from someone important to me, and it just reminds me I’m not alone, even when they feel far away"

"I put in my volunteer lanyard, to remind me of the things I’ve done that I’m proud of"

"Whenever my friends are having a rough time I’m always there for them with a hug and a hot chocolate, so I put in a sachet to remind me to do that for myself too"

"I put in these little messages that remind me not to be so hard on myself"

"I put in some cards with relaxation techniques on, to remind me to use them. They really help."

"I love being creative but I don’t feel up to it when I’m stressed. I put in this sketchbook because I find once I start doodling I get into it again"

"When I’m stuck on an assignment, I like to make my favourite recipe for my housemates, it reminds me I am good at something!"

"I can’t fit my yoga mat in the box, but I put this doodle in to remind me how relaxing I find it"

"I always feel better after a walk, so I put in a map of a route I like to remind me to do it"

"I filled a playlist with all the songs I can’t help but dance to, and I put this doodle in the box to remind me to put it on when I’m feeling down"

"I find mindful colouring helps me focus, and when I’ve finished a page I use the back to write a letter to friends back home, so it’s my item for “connect” too!"

"I find this fidget toy gives me something to focus on."

"I find the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, grounding technique really helpful, so I put in this scented candle to give me something to focus on"