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Celebrating 10 Years Supporting Hampshire's Mental Wellbeing

4 September 2020


Share Your Story

We're celebrating our 10th Birthday in October 2020, and if you've joined us for treatment at any point in our 10 years it's your celebration too! 

We want to hear your story - what you achieved through treatment, and what you'd like to celebrate. 

We're proud to have supported Hampshire's mental health for a decade, but our success is your success. You've probably heard us say that treatment is teamwork - we aim to equip you with the tools and understanding you need, but only you can achieve your goals. 

So this October, let's celebrate your recovery! 

Tell us three things:

1.      How did you hear about italk?

2.      What did you achieve through your treatment? 

3.      What would you like to celebrate about your recovery?

Share your story by emailing info@italk.org.uk and we'll share it on our blog here and on our social media pages at Facebook and Twitter during our celebrations in October. 


All the important info: 

  • By emailing us your story you consent for your story to be shared publicly on our website and on our Facebook and Twitter pages during October 2020 as part of our 10th Birthday celebrations.  
  • If we select your submission to include in our celebrations, we may edit it for readability or length, and may pick out key quotes to promote your story, but we won’t change your message.
  • Let us know if you’d like us to share your name and photo with your story. If you prefer to stay anonymous, we can select a pseudonym and stock image to share so that your story still feels personal to readers.
  • We’d love to hear your story in writing or by video – whichever you prefer! Shorter posts tend to be more popular, so aim for less than 500 words or a 1 – 2 minute video.
  • Please make sure you’re happy with your submission before sending it – we may not be able to change it once it’s posted.
  • Naturally, we cannot share any submissions that contain offensive content, content that would violate the terms of use of the Facebook or Twitter platform, or that go against our values at italk.
  • We’ve supported over 100,000 patients in their recovery over our 10 years, so it’s possible we’ll have too many submissions to respond to everyone who shares their story with us! We will do our best to acknowledge everyone’s generous submission and if we select your story to post as part of our celebrations, we’ll try to let you know when and where you’ll spot it – but we’re sorry if it turns out that we can’t get back to you. Watch out for your post on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/italkHampshire/, our Twitter feed at twitter.com/italkHants and our blog here at www.italk.org.uk 


This campaign is about sharing your story of celebration with the community. If you have a concern or complaint that you’d like us to put right, or that could help us improve our service, please see this page on how to give your feedback: https://www.italk.org.uk/contact-us/feedback-complaints/

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