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What can talking therapy do for people living with Chronic Pain?

3 February 2022  |  Categories: Italk Health, Treatment


 Psychological therapies are increasingly recommended to help people manage their chronic pain, but how can treatments for mental health help with physical pain?Our new workshop Living with Chronic Pain aims to answer your questions, and provide an opportunity to hear from others in a similar situation.You don’t need a diagn…

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Emotional Wellbeing with Diabetes

16 July 2021  |  Categories: Italk Health

 How does diabetes affect your emotional wellbeing? We often hear that when people are diagnosed with diabetes, they receive guidance on how to manage their condition, but not necessarily its impact on their emotional wellbeing. That's where our new class aims to help. In this video from Diabetes UK, Zena shares her story of…

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New SilverCloud modules for Long-Term Physical Health Conditions

7 January 2021  |  Categories: Italk Health


NEW modules are now available on SilverCloud for people living with diabetes, lung conditions, chronic pain or coronary heart disease.These new modules are specially tailored to take into account the role your physical health can play in your experience of anxiety or depression.They are designed to offer the most relevant guidan…

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