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Wellbeing at Every Age Campaign

20 December 2021

#wellbeingateveryage low mood is not a normal part of aging



As our Wellbeing at Every Age campaign draws to a close we’d like to thank all those who liked and shared the campaign.

The Wellbeing at Every Age campaign looked to raise awareness of mental wellbeing in later life. We know from national research and we see in our own referrals, that people aged 65 and over are less likely to contact services like ours for support for symptoms of common mental health problems, even though talking therapies like CBT have been shown to work well for older people, and IAPT services make adaptations when needed to support older patients.

The campaign challenged some commonly held misconceptions like the idea that feeling low or down is a normal part of aging, we highlight the relationship between mind and body in staying well, and we look at when a ‘stiff upper lip’ or going it alone might not be your only option, like getting a personal trainer when trying to get physically fit.

The campaign also talked about the 5 Ways to Wellbeing with ideas to try, and shared a number of resources for older people, alongside highlighting different services available to older people across Hampshire.

We hope you've found it helpful.

We made this campaign because we know that often it's friends and family who notice a change in us and who give us that support and encouragement to access treatment.

But we hear from our community that myths and misunderstandings around mental health in later life can make this more difficult when the person is over 65.

So this campaign has been for those friends, relatives and neighbours, who help people get the support they need. And we'd like to thank you because we couldn't help so many people achieve their wellbeing goals without you helping them find us!

For those who missed it, it’s not too late to spread the word! Have a look at our Facebook and Twitter in the links below and look out for the #wellbeingateveryage hashtag.

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