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Resources for healthcare professionals

The italk library has resources that GP's and Healthare professionals can use to promote the italk service to their patients, some information leaflets and also the referral forms for professionals to refer their patients to us.

Resources for healthcare professionals


Quit4Life direct referral form

Quit4Life direct referral form (Doc)

Direct referral form for Quit4Life, the smoking cessation service.
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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Doc)

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Referral form for Healthcare Professionals (CMHT etc)

Referral form for Healthcare Professionals (CMHT etc) (Doc)

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italk Self referral leaflet

italk Self referral leaflet (Doc)

A simple guide to the referral process and what to expect
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GP Referral Form

GP Referral Form (Doc)

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Information for GPs and Healthcare Professionals.

Click here for the information aimed at GPs and other Healthcare Professionals including how professionals can refer their patients to the service and the referral forms.