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SilverCloud for SHFT Colleagues

SilverCloud now offering online self-help for NHS Staff

Existing support options

Support from italk is available to all SHFT staff, even if you are registered with a GP outside of our area. This option will still be available to you. Simply self-refer online or call 023 8038 3920.

If you let us know that you're a SHFT colleague when you refer, we will 'lock' your patient record for additional confidentiality. 


NEW from SilverCloud Health

SilverCloud Health is the digital mental health company that provides our online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy platform at italk. Patients are able to access this resources, supported by one of our practitioners.

SilverCloud's multi-award-winning plaftorm is the result of over 17 years of clinical research with leading academic insitutions. In clinical trials it has demonstrated results on par with face-to-face therapy. Real-world results with over 350,000 SilverCloud users show over 65% achieve a clinically significant improvement in symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Now, to support us to look after our emotional wellbeing during this difficult time, SilverCloud Health are offering all NHS staff easy access to self-help resources on their platform.

How it works

SilverCloud is a confidential and secure online platform that you can access at any time, from your phone, computer or tablet. 

It offers resources to help you:

  • Ease your levels of stress
  • Sleep better
  • Build resilience

These resources include:

  • Articles to read 
  • Videos to watch
  • Tools to use
  • Activities to do

Find more information here.

Please note: As you will be accessing SilverCloud directly, your account will be separate from italk. This means you will not be supported by an italk practitioner, and we will not have access to information about you, or your use of the platform.  

How to access

To sign up to SilverCloud, you will need your division's access code. You can find that on the intranet here, and it will also be published through the daily bulletin.

Then simply click the button below to get started:

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