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How can italk help me?

italk provides free treatment to people suffering from a range of common mental health problems.



I'm struggling to manage my mood

Our Managing Moods Workshop is designed to teach you some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based Guided Self Help to manage symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress.

How can it help?

As well as teaching you some new skills and techniques to manage your mood, there are other benefits to attending the workshop. These include being around others with similar experiences or stories as yourself, having a scheduled time each week to focus on your recovery, and being able to ask a practitioner any additional questions  you may have during or after the sessions.

The sessions are semi-interactive; this means that information will mainly be presented to you by our two trained
Practitioners and you will be given handouts at each session to personalise the skills to your journey. There will be some small group discussions, however you do not have to share anything personal if you do not wish, and you will not be expected to talk in front of the group.

Session Overview

  1. Looking at Mind over Matter: This concentrates on how depression and anxiety begin, but most importantly what keeps it going. We discuss panic and focus on how the body is affected by our mood. We will introduce you to CBT and how it works and teach you some stress reduction strategies.
  2. Looking at Thinking: Here you will be able to concentrate on understanding how our negative thinking affects our thinking and how to begin challenging these thoughts.
  3. Looking at Life: In this session we focus on getting your motivation back, but also pacing yourself. We look at setting goals and working towards them.
  4. Looking at Better Behaviours: Here we look at strategies to help us manage worries, move from constant worrying to effective Problem Solving and Goal Setting. Finally we end by working through what does and doesn’t aid sleep.

Each session will end with suggestions for activities to try. Evidence suggests that people who practice these skills between sessions will get much more from the workshops.  


· Four sessions (once a week)
· Up to 2 hours, with a break
· Minimum attendance is 3 out of 4 sessions, as each session is critical.
   However, missed sessions can be caught up on, if you discuss this with us in advance
· All workshops are FREE

What if it’s not for me?

If you attend the 4 sessions and find it wasn’t what you needed, or you would like some additional support, you can request a review after the group has finished. Within this review we can talk through any alternative options for treatment. You can also decide to request a full assessment following the group. The facilitators will explain this in the final sessions.

At times of stress, anxiety or depression some people think of harming themselves or others. If this applies to you we would not recommend you register for one of our groups or workshops. It would be more helpful to seek advice from your GP and possibly refer yourself for an individual Telephone Assessment.  Please note there may be a short wait for an appointment so please see our 'urgent help' section if you feel unable to wait for an appointment. 

Managing Moods - Find a group

Find your nearest Managing Moods group below, click the purple button to book your place.


Venue: Queen Marys College - Central Studio
First Session: 18th June
Time: 6pm - 8pm


Venue: Wells Place
First Session: 18th June
Time:  6pm - 8pm


Venue: Fareham Academy  
First Session:  25th June
Time:  6pm - 8pm 


Venue: St Vincent College 
First Session:  14th June
Time:  6pm - 8pm  



Venue: Southdowns College
First Session: 20th June
Time:  6pm - 8pm


Venue: Lyndhurst Community Centre
First Session:  27th June 
Time:  6pm - 8pm


Venue: Petersfield Community Hospital
First Session:  30th May 
Time:  1pm - 3pm


Venue: Hampshire Records Office
First Session:  27th June
Time:  6pm - 8pm

“I thought the group was really good. I didn’t realise how much control I had over my own mental health until and I have learnt lots of techniques to take away. Since attending the group, my panic attacks have stopped, my overall mood is much better and I am getting on really well with my family.”
Andrew's story - Managing Moods group

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