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How can italk help me?

italk provides free treatment to people suffering from a range of common mental health problems.



I've got work-related issues

If you are currently being supported by italk, at Step 2 or Step 3, and you are having difficulties at work, or how you feel is affecting your ability to work, then our Employment Advisors may be able to help you.

Numerous studies have shown that being in work generally leads to better mental health, self-esteem and well-being. But sometimes problems at work such as poor relationships with management or high workloads can also have a negative effect on our mental health.

The reverse is also true - sometimes things outside of work can affect how we feel and our ability to concentrate, which can then lead to problems at work.

If you feel that in addition to your mental health problems it would be useful to talk to someone about your situation at work our Employment Advisors may be able to help you, alongside the treatment you are receiving from practitioners and therapists.

How can you help me?

Supporting people in work. People are regularly referred to the Employment Advisors for support to retain their jobs.

Supporting people with issues at work. Work has a huge impact on our lives, and problems in the workplace can cover a range of issues. The most common reasons for referrals to us have been:

  • Stress/workload (23%)
  • Bullying (19%)
  • Mental health affecting work (16%)
  • Relationships with colleagues/manager (16%)

Supporting people to keep their jobs. 77% of people we have supported have been retained in their jobs, and 12% have moved on to new jobs.

We can offer:

  • Advice and support to retain your job
  • One to one support with an Employment Advisor
  • Advice around your rights at work
  • Mediate between you and your employer
  • Negotiation of adjustments in your work place (such as hours, environment, responsibilities)
  • Advice on returning to your job
  • Support to stay well and stay working
  • Signposting to legal advice
  • Signposting to benefits advice
  • Signposting to career changes

Other issues include disciplinaries, grievances, sick leave etc. The list is not exhaustive and we will offer support wherever we feel we can help.

How can I access italk Employment Advisor support?

Ask your italk therapist to pass your details on to the Employment Advisors. We will then contact you to discuss the support we may be able to offer.  If you are not already with italk, you will need to self refer or ask your GP to refer you to us. To self refer call us on 023 8038 3920 or click here to refer on line. 


A testimonial by 'David'

"My Employment Advisor gave me great support & pointers on the legal issues of redundancy and also pointed me in the direction of my new job. So italk has been of immense help overall."

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