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In this section you can find the latest news stories from italk, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and Solent Mind plus mental health in general.


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Five years of service for Hampshire based talking therapies

italk, the Hampshire based talking therapies services celebrated five years of service in September.

In those five years italk has helped almost 30,090  people tackle their mental health problems and has grown to meet an ever increasing demand.

Last month the service took on 23 new Step 3 Practitioners who will see patients face to face and 15 Step 2 Practitioners to provide telephone based Cognitive Behavioural Therapies. It is also launching a new computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy system called “SilverCloud” enabling service users to take more control over their therapy.

Enabling people to get over their problems and providing them with the tools to better manage their health has been a key aspect of italk’s success, as these examples show.

Feedback from guided self-help at Step 2:
"Can't improve the service, when working with [Carly] I was really scared at first. Looking at my main problems and goals, we came up with loads together. Such simple exercises have changed everything massively. She couldn't do enough for me. The time I've had, I thought 30 minutes wouldn't do much but it has been more than enough. It really suited me and met my needs".

Feedback from Step 3:
“One of the biggest worries I had was that I was too far gone for the service. I was really worried that I would get there and they would say they couldn’t do anything for me and that I couldn’t be fixed.  In fact it was completely the opposite and I really felt that I had an equal say in my recovery.”

Feedback from Stress Control Workshops:
“The course opens your eyes to what stress, anxiety and depression are, how they are caused, how they can spiral out of control. The two speakers were talking from experience, it was clear, and this made it even more powerful. They were speaking my language and were expressing my fears. The course gives you the tools, on a weekly basis, to deal with managing and controlling your stress. It works through diet, drink, exercise, muscle relaxation, sleep, medication, negative thought processes, and much more.”

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