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In this section you can read testimonials from patients who have had treatment with the italk service.



Julie's Story - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Julie's Story - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

"If someone asked me whether they should use italk, I would say the italk therapists were so kind and caring and my sessions were the only place that I could truly relax and be myself. I always looked forward to them, as however down I was feeling, my therapist always had this ability to lift my low spirits and put my worries into perspective. 

My therapist has helped me to accept the loss of my job, and our CBT sessions have helped to stop all my negative thoughts and behaviours. italk has helped and guided me away from a dark and depressing existence into a life that I now love living".

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that focuses on how your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and physical sensations are connected.

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A testimonial by 'Katy'

I am so glad I've worked through this programme and it is definitely 'the nudge along' I needed when I felt lost and stuck. I think that what was I needed all along, just some help really. I am very grateful for what this programme has done for me and even just being able to go out for dinner with groups of friends and people I don't know as well without overwhelming anxiety has been such an amazing turnaround for me.

I definitely feel like my old self again, but a better version, like Katy v2.0, with more control and more knowledge about myself and my body. I'm also better at identifying moments where self-care is needed instead of just running flat out until I've run out of steam and everything catches up with me.

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