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Patient Experiences

In this section you can read testimonials from patients who have had treatment with the italk service.



Keita's story - Stress Control Group

Keita's story - Stress Control Group

"I can honestly say on the way to my first session I kept telling myself I was fine and that I really didn't need to attend these sessions, even going through the door was a challenge, I was constantly telling myself I didn't need this!  I'm so thankful now I took the plunge and walked through that door.

It was a little strange at first, but after the facilitator introduced herself and gave us a brief of the sessions I felt a lot more relaxed. I left the first session feeling absolutely brilliant, I don't know why but I felt good and positive and all I had done was listen to what was being said.

I couldn't wait for the next session and met some really nice people who were suffering from similar issues to myself ,after every session I left feeling even better than the last, everything was explained simply and clearly. We were given homework to do after every session but it was our choice if you wanted to do it or not, it wasn't like at school where this was then handed in and marked, the homework for our benefit and like most things in life  the more effort you make and put in the more you gain from it.

I really cannot thank italk enough for the help they have given me. Without having accessed this vital service I dread to think what my life would be like now."


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A testimonial by 'Katy'

I am so glad I've worked through this programme and it is definitely 'the nudge along' I needed when I felt lost and stuck. I think that what was I needed all along, just some help really. I am very grateful for what this programme has done for me and even just being able to go out for dinner with groups of friends and people I don't know as well without overwhelming anxiety has been such an amazing turnaround for me.

I definitely feel like my old self again, but a better version, like Katy v2.0, with more control and more knowledge about myself and my body. I'm also better at identifying moments where self-care is needed instead of just running flat out until I've run out of steam and everything catches up with me.

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