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In this section you can read testimonials from patients who have had treatment with the italk service.



Lilly's Story - Stress Control Group

Lilly's Story - Stress Control Group

"The assessor was friendly, understanding and made me feel like what I was experiencing was important and real.  When she suggested that I attend group Cognitive Behavioural Therapy I was apprehensive, but at the point where I knew that if I didn't tackle my stress and anxiety I never would.

Within a few weeks I was dashing out of the house, stressed out because I had to leave the kids with a babysitter, thinking 'is this really worth it? Have I just made up these feelings? Pull yourself together.'  I was giving up an evening of marking, planning and cleaning to listen to someone tell me all about stress. 

3 months later and I can safely say that it was the best sacrifice that I have ever made."

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A testimonial by 'Katy'

I am so glad I've worked through this programme and it is definitely 'the nudge along' I needed when I felt lost and stuck. I think that what was I needed all along, just some help really. I am very grateful for what this programme has done for me and even just being able to go out for dinner with groups of friends and people I don't know as well without overwhelming anxiety has been such an amazing turnaround for me.

I definitely feel like my old self again, but a better version, like Katy v2.0, with more control and more knowledge about myself and my body. I'm also better at identifying moments where self-care is needed instead of just running flat out until I've run out of steam and everything catches up with me.

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