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Typed therapy with ieso

Typed therapy with ieso

ieso provides digital therapy through online typed conversations with a therapist. Sessions are one-to-one and confidential - all you need is a device that can connect to the internet.

Typed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with ieso can help provide effective strategies for managing your feelings and improving your emotional well-being.

Why typed therapy?

Typed CBT takes place online so you won’t need to miss work or travel, and you do not need to be concerned about spelling mistakes or having to type fast.

Patients say typed therapy makes it easier for them to open up and reflect on their thoughts and behaviours than if they were sat in front of a therapist.

The advantages of typed therapy

Typed CBT is proven to be as effective as face-to-face CBT at helping you to feel better and live the life you want to lead.

Like face-to-face therapy, typed therapy sessions are one-to-one, confidential, and take place in real-time texting with a therapist that has been assigned to suit your needs.

The additional benefits of typed therapy include:

  • Flexibility - 45–60-minute appointments are available 7 days a week, 6am – 11pm.
  • Get started quickly – There are no long waiting times, so you can access in your own time.
  • Confidential – Therapy sessions take place via ieso’s secure online platform. As the sessions are typed, no one can overhear your conversation.
  • No travel required – Sessions can take place anywhere you feel most comfortable, so there is no need to travel to your appointment. All you need is a device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) that can connect to the internet.
  • Support between sessions – Message with your therapist in-between sessions for support with your tasks.
  • Guidance beyond therapy - Learn practical CBT skills to use day-to-day to help manage your feelings. Maintain your progress by accessing past sessions and activities in your account even after you've finished therapy.

How does it work?

Before each session, your therapist will check in with how you are, so they can tailor your treatment to be as effective as possible. Between sessions, your therapist will ask you to keep a journal and do thinking exercises to help develop positive, long-term habits. Research shows a little work leads to better recovery and can help keep you feeling well after your therapy sessions have ended.

This is typed therapy

Hear from patients who used ieso’s typed therapy service

“I thought anxiety was me just be dramatic but when depression kicked in, I felt worthless and scared. I found ieso through work and got chatting to an online therapist. She was amazing. The sessions are done through typed messages one to one and I found it very calming. I wasn't afraid to speak my mind and the therapist helped me uncover all my ticks that cause my anxiety and learn how to cope. I absolutely recommend ieso to anyone that needs to talk to someone.” Nicola.

“A really good service and great advice on how to deal with anxiety and stress. I have really enjoyed my online meetings. I was a bit worried at first as I've never had meetings over text, but I found it helpful and especially talking to someone I don't know. I was also given weekly tasks, which helped me focus on my anxieties of learning how to deal with the way I think and how my mind works overtime when I have trouble staying or falling asleep.” Keren.

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