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Treatment Options

This section provides information on some of the different treatment options that italk can provide. 



Telephone Guided Self-Help

Our telephone guided self-help option offers all the great tools and techniques we teach in Managing Moods and SilverCloud, direct to your door.

You'll be supported through phone calls from one of our practitioners to guide you in your recovery.

If you feel this option could be helpful for you, simply click the button below to refer yourself to our service and arrange your assessment.

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What you'll learn

Setting Goals

Setting Goals

Our Guided Self-Help approach aims to empower you to make the changes you're looking for in your life. One of the first things we'll do is help you set some goals. Then, we'll equip you with the tools you can use towards achieving them.

Think clearly

Thinking Clearly

You'll learn to recognise your different patterns and styles of thinking, and how to challenge the ones that aren't helpful.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

You'll discover new ways to tackle problems, and ways to manage your worries about the things you can't solve.

Move forward

Moving Forward

Your final sessions are an opportunity to reflect on how things have changed since you first started working with us, and we can help you think about how to stay well from now on.


Your Assessment

To find out whether telephone guided self-help is the best option for you, we'll arrange a telephone assessment. This is a chat with one of our practitioners, where we'll ask questions about your symptoms. 

There can be a wait of up to 12 weeks to our Telephone Guided Self-Help treatment, but once your first appointment is available, we will aim to call you at the same time every two weeks.

If you prefer not to wait, try our Managing Moods course, or our online option, SilverCloud,


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