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Resources for Patients in Treatment

This area is for our patients to download worksheets and information to help with your treatment.

If you're not a patient, simply self-refer online to get started.


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Managing Moods

Our 6 week course teaching ways to feel more positive, calmer and able to cope with life's challenges. 


Building Resilience with Long-Term Conditions

Our 6 week course for people living with a long-term physical health condition such as diabetes, COPD, heart disease or chronic pain. 



Breathing Space

Our 1-hour session teaching relaxation techniques you can use whenever you feel on edge. 


Self-Care for Carers

Our 1.5 hour session for people who look after a loved one, to help you look after your own wellbeing too. 


 Coping with Long Covid

Our 1.5hr session for people who are experiencing long-term physical symptoms after having the COVID-19 virus. 


Emotional Wellbeing with Type 1 Diabetes

Our 1.5 hour session for living well alongside Type 1 Diabetes. 


Emotional Wellbeing with Type 2 Diabetes

Our 1.5 hour session for living well alongside Type 2 Diabetes. 


Guided Self-Help

Includes Our webinar Getting Started with Guided Self-Help Treatment


Specialist Therapies

Compassion Focussed Therapy

Counselling for Depression


Recite - Accessibility and Language Options