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Resources for Patients in Treatment

This area is for our patients to download worksheets and information to help with your treatment.

If you're not a patient, simply self-refer online to get started.


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Managing Moods

Our 6 week course teaching ways to feel more positive, calmer and able to cope with life's challenges.


Building Resilience with Long-Term Conditions

Our 6 week course for people living with a long-term physical health condition such as diabetes, COPD, heart disease or chronic pain.



Breathing Space

Our 1-hour session teaching relaxation techniques you can use whenever you feel on edge.


Self-Care for Carers

Our 1.5 hour session for people who look after a loved one, to help you look after your own wellbeing too.


Coping with Long Covid

Our 1.5hr session for people who are experiencing long-term physical symptoms after having the COVID-19 virus.


Embracing The Change: Emotional Wellbeing for Menopause

Our 1 hour session to help to reduce unpleasant symptoms of menopause such as night sweats, hot flushes, sleep problems, anxiety, and depressive symptoms.


Emotional Wellbeing with Type 1 Diabetes

Our 1.5 hour session for living well alongside Type 1 Diabetes.


Emotional Wellbeing with Type 2 Diabetes

Our 1.5 hour session for living well alongside Type 2 Diabetes.


Living Well with Chronic Pain

Our new session explores the way pain can affect our mental wellbeing, and in turn how our mood can affect the way we respond to and manage our pain.


Guided Self-Help

Includes Our webinar Getting Started with Guided Self-Help Treatment


Sleeping soundly resources

Includes self help templates and booklet on managing sleep problems


Improving resilience to Start, Stay and Succeed at Work

Our 1-hour session learning how to improve realisation in the workplace.


Living with Uncertainty

This class aims to explore anxiety and how uncertainty and the unknown can trigger worries and other unpleasant symptoms.


Specialist Therapies

Compassion Focussed Therapy

Counselling for Depression


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