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Relaxation Skills

Relaxation techniques to help whenever you feel on edge.

If you'd like to learn more about relaxation and how it can help with stress or anxiety, join our free Breathing Space class. We teach both of the techniques below, plus give an introduction to how relaxation helps with those 'fight or flight' feelings of anxiety or stress.


A way to feel calmer in the moment

We all have our own ways of managing stress, whether it's venting to friends, heading out for a walk, or a hobby. But they're not always easy to do in that moment where you feel frustrated or on edge. We look forward to getting home and relaxing, but it can be tough to carry those feelings of tension until we get there.

So we are sharing a relaxation skill below that you can use in the moment. We've chosen this one because you don't need any equipment or preparation, and people won't know you're using it - ideal for that supermarket queue or tough conversation.

A Mindful Breathing Exercise

This mindful breathing exercise from Every Mind Matters blends mindfulness with relaxation to help you feel calm and grounded in the present. 

Every Mind Matters is part of the NHS and helps people to look after their mental wellbeing. It includes a short quiz to see how you're feeling and help you build your mind plan, for how to improve and maintain your wellbeing. 


A way to feel calmer day-to-day

One of the things we teach in our Breathing Space class is that stress and anxiety aren't just in the mind. They also create tension in our body, so this technique is a way to release that tension in our muscles and feel calmer. Our patients tell us it can be particularly helpful at bedtime to release the tensions of the day and fall asleep. 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This audio guide to Progressive Muscle Relaxation by Every Mind Matters talks you through the technique in 10 minutes. We recommend practicing this regularly, as it's a skill just like any other, so be sure to save the link to use again! 

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