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Entries posted in: December 2021

Wellbeing at Every Age Campaign

20 December 2021

#wellbeingateveryage low mood is not a normal part of aging

 #WellbeingAtEveryAgeAs our Wellbeing at Every Age campaign draws to a close we’d like to thank all those who liked and shared the campaign.The Wellbeing at Every Age campaign looked to raise awareness of mental wellbeing in later life. We know from national research and we see in our own referrals, that people aged 65 and o…

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How do you prevent depression from returning?

17 December 2021  |  Categories: Treatment


How do you prevent recurrent depression from coming back?Jo and Clare, who lead our Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy group share their insight. At italk we specialise in helping people to think and feel better. When people turn to us, it's often at a low point in their lives. We aim to support people through treatment to ge…

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